Turmeric Powder100 Gram
Kumkum Powder100 Gram
Sandal Wood Powder1 Box
Insence Stick (Agarbatti)1 Packet
Camphor1 Packet
Coconut5 Number
Rice2 Lb
Beetel Leaves25
Beetel Nuts1 Small Packet
Flowers2 Bunches
Navadhanyam (Nine Varieties of Natural Seeds)
5 Types FruitsEach 5
Ghee2 Lb
Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Honey, Sugar and Juice for Panchamrutam
Raisins, Cashew, Dates, Almonds, Sugur Candy for Prasadam
Blouse Piece (Silk)2 ½ Meter
Havan Samagri1
Dry Coconut2
Any God Picture1
Oil Lamps With Wick & Oil (Deepam)2
Winter Melon1
Dry Sand
Aluminium Tray1
Paper Cups, Spoons, PlatesEach 5
Paper Towel1 Roll

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